At T-rriffic Table Linens our inventory is stocked and cleaned right here in our warehouse. We own all of our inventory and do not ship in from an outside source so that we can completely control orders and their quality to better serve you and your very special event.


    It' Simple!

You place your order: via phone 614-299-3693, or Email.

Place your order as soon as you have decided what you want.
All orders are confirmed on a first come, first serve basis. Always order a little on the heavy have 20% margin for quantity revisions.
Example: Is your order 100 napkins? you may drop your count to 80 when your final count is due.

All rental orders require a major credit card. A 50% non-refundable deposit, that will be applied to your total, is due to confirm and hold inventory items for your rental order. This amount is then applied to the total amount of your order and the balance is due the day before your delivery or upon pickup of your order, if you are picking up at our showroom. This credit card number replaces monies/security deposit required to be left to ensure a safe return of all items on your order. You will be required to sign a "credit card authorization" form giving us permission to use this card. The form will be sent to you by mail, fax or you may stop into our showroom to sign in person, whichever is most convenient to you.

We will deliver OR you may pickup your order the day prior to your special event. Excluding Saturday, Sundays, and Holidays, in this case it will be scheduled one day earlier.

When your special event is over, shake, drape to air dry if wet. COUNT NUMBER OF LINENS, NAPKINS, CLIPS, LAUNDRY BAGS! to ensure you are returning every item you originally rented. There is a cost for every item including clips for skirting, napkins, laundry bags, etc. and there will be additional costs billed for every item not returned from rental, then place in laundry bags provided to you.

We will pickup OR you will return the goods rented the day following your special event excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. The exact date is shown on your rental contract copy.

This period of "time-out" equals a "one day rental" (weekly rentals are available upon request). All orders or items not returned on specified  date will be billed an additional days rental for each day they are late)
Example: one linen costing $7.00 to rent will cost an additional $21.00 if it were returned 3 days late).
Please, be considerate....the next party could perhaps not have enough linens because there were extra linens left hanging in a closet that you did not use and forgot to return with your order.

All rental orders require a major credit card. This credit card number replaced monies/security deposit required to be left to ensure a safe return of all items on your order.

All orders will be counted against what went out on your order and any shortages will be billed without special notice to you, so please be sure that you have all items inside your laundry bags for return.

Final counts are due at least two weeks prior to your order date. No cancellations are permitted after this final count is received in our office.