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Self Tie Chair Cover
Installation Information

View Steps below for a perfect Square Knot for your chair covers.
lady holding a open chair cover material to wrap chair
Step One

Open chair cover lengthwise and place over the chair.
Step Two

Position chair cover so that about 2" of fabric lays on the floor in front of the chair. Depending on the size of the chair, fabric on the back center of the chair could be off of the floor.....this is okay. The side of the chair cover will be long and laying on the floor.
Step Three

Take each corner of the chair cover and center the cover on the chair, making sure you have approximately the same amount of fabric on each side.
Step Four

THIS STEP IS A KEY STEP! Take each corner and tie a SQUARE KNOT in the back. A square knot is left over right. Make sure as you pull the knot, pull straight up and down, this allows the fabric to gather neatly in the back.
Step Five

Once the knot is secure, finish by bringing fabric each side toward the center of the chair at floor level.